Currently Black Arrow Finance only provides Asset Finance for Soft Assets i.e. assets which have little or no residual value but are important to the business. We currently do not offer Commercial Loans.

Generally, we don’t underwrite hard assets such as vehicles; however, we will consider for a long-standing client.

We typically fund assets in the range of £5,000 to £250,000 though we will, subject to covenant, fund up to £500,000.

Minimum term is two (2) years. Maximum is typically five (5) years but will, subject to asset/covenant go to seven (7) years.

Black Arrow Finance is a mid-second to third tier funder. Rates are in the 12-20% range, subject to covenant.

Document fees are one-off and tiered from £125 to £495

• Up to £15K £125
• £15K-£20K £150
• £20K-£30K £250
• £30K-£40K £300
• Above £40K £495

We currently fund assets in England, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man, but not in Northern or Southern Ireland or the European Union.

We do consider new starts subject to proposition and covenant of the directors.

We do accept non-homeowners. However, our Credit Policy Guidelines restrict the funding to £20,000 unless it is an exceptional covenant that warrants a higher financing. 

If it is historic with a clear explanation it will be considered by Underwriting. 

As part of our underwriting process, we will always ask for a Net Worth Statement as we invariably ask for Personal Guarantees (PG) and we want to be confident that the Personal Guarantee has substance. This is not because we are looking to secure our position against the applicant’s home; it is because we like to see if the business gets into a ‘tight spot,’ the Directors have the option of raising cash to weather the bump in the road.

When taking a PG, we will in the majority of cases expect the applicant to apply for insurance to underwrite the PG, details of which can be found under Personal Guarantee Insurance.

When your client signs a Personal Guarantee, they are essentially putting their personal assets on the line, most notably their home, and at Black Arrow Finance we would prefer that not to be the case. As a consequence, often a condition of an acceptance from Black Arrow will be that the applicant puts in place a Personal Guarantee Policy which we can facilitate.

Typically, an underwriting decision can be had in two working days.

Premium rates range between 1.6% – 3.6% per annum. For a £100,000 personal guarantee, the annual premium would be between £1,600 – £3,600 depending on risk profile and type of funding provided.

To ensure we can process your proposals speedily it helps if you provide the following in one package. Providing information piecemeal invariably slows the process.

Proposal application should include:

  • Customer’s details (company name, registration number, phone number and email address)
  • Financial request including amount and term
  • Reason for finance
  • Asset description
  • Directors’ details (name and address)
  • Guarantors’ details (name, address and date of birth)
  • Supplier’s details (company name, registration number, address and nature of business)

Supported by:

  • Three (3) month’s bank statements, oldest should be no more than 90 days
  • Business plan where appropriate
  • Cash flow forecast
  • Management information (if company already trading)
  • Director(s) Net Worth Statement. Click to download here.
  • Any additional information we should be aware of.

All proposal applications and accompanying documents should be sent to

Acceptances are valid for sixty (60) days from date of issue.

To ensure a speedy process it is essential to provide the following in one package. Providing information piecemeal invariably slows the process. Please ensure:

  1. All conditions of the acceptance letter have been met
  2. You have our bank details
  3. Deposit has been paid 1
  4. Signed and dated agreement
  5. Signed and dated guarantor agreement (s)
  6. Supplier invoice(s) addressed to: Black Arrow Finance Limited, Profile West, 950 Great West Road, Brentford TW8 9ES
  7. Commission invoice addressed as above 2

On completion of payout a remittance advice will be sent.


  1. Please note if the deposit is paid by Direct Debit (DD) due to the processes of the banking system, there is a time lag between submitting the initial DD and cleared funds into our account of seven (7) working days.If you want to expedite the payout process it can be accelerated by paying the deposit via the same day Faster Payment Service.
  2. Please note where we are paying suppliers in stages, commission invoices are not settled until the final stage payment is made and Certificate of Acceptance is received from borrower.

Invoices should be addressed to:

Black Arrow Finance Ltd.
Profile West
950 Great West Road


Initial enquiries should be directed to:

Don Brayshaw
Telephone: 020 8572 7474
Mobile: 07817 302999

Proposals should be sent to:


Brokers commission is up to 10%.

Typically, the equivalent of one (1) month’s rental.

Debit backs will apply on a pro-rata basis where an event of default (or similar) occurs in the first twelve (12) months of the agreement with the customer.

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