Soft Assets are our focus

Not every lender will offer you soft asset funding. Black Arrow will. We have always been open to funding the unusual to get you and your clients the best outcome, and that’s not about to change.

Black Arrow Group has been providing Asset Finance via the Broker Channel for 60+ years. Our focus principally is on soft assets via minimum term rental agreements.

As a trusted partner to the NACFB community, we are a covenant-led lender, confident in our process, with systems to make the underwriting process as smooth as possible — applying four key criteria to all application reviews.

  1. Firstly, we look at the business as a whole: where it stands in the market, its current performance, and its goals for the future.
  2. We assess whether the management has the right experience, if it can execute its strategy, and how it may perform during challenging periods – as well as successful ones.
  3. We look at the asset itself, and not its residual value. What the asset can do for the business, how it generates or supports income, and whether it is essential to the business’ success are all points of focus for us when reviewing applications.
  4. Last but not least, we check to see if an applicant’s net worth underpins their personal guarantee.



We are speedy and frictionless

Our business model is one of ‘high touch’. We are always available for a phone or video call to discuss potential requirements for finance and their likelihood to be accepted.

Our systems and processes are designed to provide a smooth underwriting process to ensure your clients obtain a speedy decision and prompt pay-out for you and your client.

Typically, we underwrite proposals from £10K to £250K, however, we can and will go higher. Our so called ‘sweet spot’ for our average deals is £75/80K. The term is usually 3-5 years, but we can go to 6 or 7.

Our minimum term rental agreements can be dressed to resemble hire purchase, essentially lease rental with title transferred for one month’s rental.

Interest Rates are between 10-20% according to risk and our average is 16.5/17%, depending on the view taken about a transaction.

Advance payment is typically one month in advance.

Interested in partnering with us?
Call us on 020 8572 7474 or email enquiries@blackarrowfinance.com

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